Tips for Making your Arizona Vacation Pet-Friendly

Traveling with your pet can bring an extra level of joy to your vacation and an extra layer of stress. When planning your next trip to Arizona, it’s important to create the right plans to accommodate you and your furry friend.   

Find the right accommodation

Our pet-friendly vacation rentals offer many amenities that are fit for your furry friends. Three Palms Citrus Cove in Mesa is one of the many pet-friendly vacation homes we offer. The fenced backyard offers a grassy area for your pup to run around. Additionally, on the west side of Phoenix, in Peoria, there’s Dreyfus which offers quick access to a number of parks for your pup to run and play. In the luxurious Scottsdale area, we have Vista Scottsdale which comes equipped with a dog bowl, doggie door, and a leash just in case yours breaks or you forgot one. Lastly, in Phoenix, Heatherbrae offers a shaded backyard where your pet can lounge alongside its human. 

Bring a Healthy Pet

Ensure that your pet is healthy before leaving for the vacation. Take them to the vet to have a checkup and update their vaccinations. Carry a copy of their medical records just in case of an emergency. 

Pack Pet Essentials

When packing for your Arizona vacation, remember to include your pet's essentials. These may include food, treats, medications, toys, grooming supplies, and their bed. Pack a carrier or crate for instances when your pet may be required to be confined. It's also essential to carry a first aid kit with items such as antiseptic wipes, tweezers, and bandages. 

Pet Ettiquette

Respect local laws and guidelines when traveling with a pet. Ensure that they are on a leash and always pick up after them. Avoid leaving your pet unattended in public spaces and ensure they are not disturbing other people or animals. 

Plan Pet-Friendly Activities 

Phoenix, Arizona, is a pet-friendly city with plenty of activities for furry friends to enjoy alongside their owners. Many parks and hiking trails in the area welcome leashed pets, such as Papago Park and South Mountain Park. These parks offer beautiful scenery and ample space for pets to explore and stretch their legs. The Phoenix area also boasts numerous pet-friendly restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating, allowing visitors to enjoy a meal or a coffee while their furry companions relax by their side. For a fun outing, dog parks like Steele Indian School Park and Cosmo Dog Park provide designated off-leash areas where dogs can socialize and play. Some local businesses also offer pet-friendly events and activities, such as dog-friendly movie nights or shopping centers. With its pet-friendly parks, eateries, and events, Phoenix is a wonderful destination for both two- and four-legged visitors. 

Start Planning your next Pet-friendly Arizona Vacation 

Planning a vacation with your dog may take some extra preparation and effort, but seeing your pet enjoying the great outdoors with you is worth it. Remember that different pets have unique needs, so it's crucial to prepare accordingly. By researching pet-friendly activities, ensuring that your pet is healthy, finding the right pet-friendly vacation rental, packing pet essentials, and practicing good pet etiquette, you can ensure that your vacation with your pet is enjoyable for everyone involved. Browse our Pet-friendly vacation rentals