Discovering Arizona's Top 10 Ghost Towns

Ghost Towns in Arizona

Arizona's rich history is evident in its ghost towns, which are popular tourist destinations for their captivating stories of the past. If you're looking for an eerie adventure in sunny Arizona, then visiting one of these ghost towns is a must. With the spooky season just around the corner, what better way to embrace the thrill of the unknown than by exploring the top 10 ghost towns in Arizona? Here are some of the best locations to visit for an unforgettable experience.

Visit These Ghost Towns for a Spooky Experience in Arizona


Located just an hour and a half away from Phoenix, Jerome is a popular destination for ghost town enthusiasts. This town, which was once known for its copper mines, has plenty of stories to tell. Visitors can explore the many ruins and abandoned buildings, including the old jail and hospital. Be sure to visit the historic Asiatic Saloon, which has been preserved from the early 1900s.


No list of Arizona ghost towns is complete without Tombstone. The site of the infamous gunfight at the O.K. Corral, this town is a true icon of the Wild West era. Visitors can witness history come to life by watching reenactments of the gunfight and exploring the many historic buildings and museums.


Another former copper mining town, Bisbee, has been preserved as a National Historic District. Visitors can take a guided tour of the town, which includes stops at the Copper Queen Mine and historic hotels like the Copper Queen and Bisbee Grand.


This tiny ghost town on Route 66 is known for its wild burros that roam the streets. Oatman has a rich mining history, and visitors can see the ruins of the old mines. Be sure to visit the old Oatman Hotel, which is rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of past guests.


Once a thriving mining town, Ruby is now a ghost town preserved in time. Visitors can explore the many abandoned buildings, including the schoolhouse, jail, and saloon. Be sure to take a guided tour for a more immersive experience.


This ghost town is just a short drive from the Phoenix area and offers a glimpse into the state's gold-mining past. Visitors can explore the historic mining equipment and buildings, including a reconstructed brothel and saloon.


This ghost town in the Sonoran Desert was once home to a thriving copper mine. Visitors can explore the ruins of the mining camp and learn about the history of the town at the onsite museum.


This ghost town was once home to a booming copper mine, but today, all that remains are the ruins of a few buildings. Visitors can explore the town's remnants and explore the stunning desert landscape.

Vulture City

This ghost town is located on the site of a former gold mine. Visitors can explore the mine's remains and the reconstructed buildings, including a saloon, general store, and post office.


This ghost town in western Arizona was once a bustling copper mining community. Visitors can explore the ruins of old homes, schools, and churches. Be sure to take in the stunning desert scenery and keep an eye out for wildlife.

Experience Arizona

Exploring Arizona's ghost towns is a great way to embrace the state's rich history and experience a different kind of adventure. From the Wild West town of Tombstone to the small mining community of Ruby, these ghost towns offer a glimpse into the past that will send shivers down your spine. As the spooky season approaches, consider booking from our collection of Arizona vacation rentals and taking a road trip to explore some of Arizona's most haunted locations. You never know what ghosts might be hiding in the shadows.