The Salt River

Welcome to the iconic Salt River! This 200-mile river has been a source of innovation and recreation for the Greater Phoenix area for thousands of years. This river provides most of the water supply to Phoenix thanks to canals, pipelines, and reservoirs. Locals and Visitors alike flock to the Lower Salt Rivier in Mesa because of the tubing and wild horses. 

Salt River Tubing

One of the most popular recreational activities that happen on the Salt River is Tubing. Many locals and tourists love to tube the river to beat the strong Arizona sun during the summer months. Many families, friends, and couples bring their waterproof speakers, coolers, and tubes along so they can float along this natural lazy river. Many groups tie their tubes together so they don't get separated. 

There are a number of companies that can provide tubes for your to float on as well as shuttle you to the river and pick you up once you are done. Or you can do it independently if you'd like to avoid some of the crowds. If you go by yourself we highly recommend you bring two cars so you get back to the starting point and avoid the long walk in between.